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Trust and Foundation Services

We provide an efficient trust formation and administration service through our associated licensed and regulated trust and corporate service provider companies.

Odin Fiduciaries Limited
Fulcrum Limited

For those seeking to manage and preserve family wealth trusts are often seen as a “go to solution” in that they can play an integral part of any family strategy.

Crossleys has the experience and specialist knowledge to ensure that any trust structure is appropriately tailored to specific client circumstances and we typically provide:

• assistance in the setting up of any trust;
• ongoing trustee services; and
• ongoing trust administration services. 

Administration services are provided to trusts that have been established through our offices as well as those that have been established and managed elsewhere that are in need of alternative administration.

Foundations have similar traits to both a company and a trust and for those jurisdictions which do not acknowledge the concept of a trust they can be extremely useful. 

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