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Litigation and Forensic Accounting Support

Litigation is never pleasant, whether you are the instigator or recipient of such action. Having the right support is vital and being able to understand and communicate with those advising you is just as important to understanding what is needed, when and by whom.

Crossleys has proven to be adept and successful in the "Project Management" of litigation for clients in the Isle of Man, UK and further afield. Whether the dispute involves the purchase and sale of companies and land, breaches of company law, commercial contracts, individual, family and matrimonial disputes, Wills and Trusts, Crossleys will be there to counsel and support you and those advising you.

Forensic accounting is playing an increasingly important role in an ever more complex business and family world.

When disputes arise or fraud is taking place, specialist forensic services can have a significant impact on the outcome for your business.

Crossleys and where needed experts from UHY member firms work closely with clients and legal advisers to investigate and provide an objective assessment of commercial and family disputes.

Representatives from UHY member firms frequently act as expert witnesses in fraud and other criminal cases.

Member firms from across the UHY network are able to work together on cross-border cases and have experience of international arbitration in many jurisdictions.

As well as being able to respond quickly when disputes arise, UHY member firms take a proactive approach to help clients identify potential problems and take action to avoid them.
Services provided include:

• Commercial and contractual disputes
• Individual, family and matrimonial disputes
• Forensic and corporate fraud investigations
• Regulatory investigations
• International arbitration
• Insurance claims presentation and loss management
• Computer forensic and data analytics 

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