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Company Formation and Adminstration

We provide an efficient company formation and administration service through our associated licensed and regulated trust and corporate service provider companies.

Crossman Trust Company Limited
Fulcrum Limited

Company Formation
Isle of Man corporate entities can take several forms and we can assist you in ensuring you receive the appropriate advice as to their usage and statutory obligations, as well ensuring that their constitutions are tailored to meet any specific requirements.

Company Administration
Isle of Man companies are operating in an increasingly regulated environment. It is therefore important to ensure that a company complies with its statutory obligations to avoid any unnecessary fines and prosecution. Administration services are provided to companies that have been established through our offices as well as those incorporated and managed elsewhere that are in need of alternative administration. 

Corporate Compliance Services
In addressing your specific requirements, our corporate compliance team will provide a tailored service that will meet your particular needs. Our services fall into two key areas; ongoing and one-off services.

Ongoing compliance services seek to ensure statutory and filing obligations are met and include:

  • Completion and filing of Annual Returns
  • Maintenance of statutory registers
  • Provision of a legal [registered] Office
  • Filing of documentation in relation to changes of officers
  • Filing of documentation in relation to a change of share 
  • Registering or de-registering charges for and against a company
  • Changes to the Constitution of a company and the filing of any resolutions
  • Maintenance of group structures

One off services include:

  • Company Formation
  • Redomiciliation of a company
  • Conversion of an Isle of Man company from one incorporated under the Isle of Man Companies Acts 1931 to 2004 to one incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 company
  • Assistance with opening of bank accounts
  • Annual Corporate Compliance Services
  • Corporate Re-structuring
  • External Company (Branch) registration
  • Voluntary Strike Offs
  • Members Voluntary Liquidations
  • Creditors Voluntary Liquidations
  • Administrative Company Restoration
  • Corporate Health Check – with certificate of “good standing”


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