About Us

Who are our clients?

Although Crossleys is a well-established Isle of Man audit, accountancy and tax firm, with over 50 years of operating history, our clientele base is both local and international.

Our business clients include:

   - private individuals
   - sole traders
   - partnerships
   - branch operations
   - agencies
   - private and public limited companies
   - other professionals

whose range of activities varies considerably and includes local tradesmen, shop owners, automobile dealers, entertainers, doctors, consultants, investment companies, construction firms, general manufacturers, and engineering companies.

Our non-business and family orientated clients include:

   - social, religious and community based organisations
   - trusts
   - foundations
   - family offices

Over the years our diverse client base, which continues to expand, has allowed Crossleys to develop a commercially aware and proactive approach to our client service offering.





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