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International business

A twice-yearly publication featuring articles on current business affairs in countries and business cultures around the world. The latest issues can be accessed by clicking the links below; past issues can be found in our Archive.

Issue 30 – January 2015

  • India: pipedream or reality?
  • Asean: a region of complexities and contradictions
  • Mexico: the new middle way

Issue 29 – July 2014

  • Key industry sectors for global growth
  • Mobile money: the tantalising potential
  • Shift in the global economic balance

Issue 26 – January 2013

  • Let’s go international – but where?
  • The Andean Three: An economic powerhouse for Latin America
  • China’s declared backing for SMEs may open doors to foreign investors

Issue 25 – July 2012

  • With Power Comes Responsibility
  • Bank Lending Critical as Global Economic Landscape Evolves
  • The World’s Fastest-Growing Middle Class

Issue 23 – July 2011

  • Japan set for bounce-back
  • ‘Next big thing’ in emerging markets?
  • How SMEs go international

Issue 22 – January 2011

  • Africa: now a business case, no longer a handout case
  • Dispute resolution just got easier
  • Renewable energy: where yesteryear meets tomorrow